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In case that you submit over 100 jobs which run time are very short (less than 30 sec),these jobs should be merged into a shell script and submitted to LSF. If many submitted jobs have run time shorter than the procedure interval of LSF manager service, these jobs have significant impact on system performance.
In case the memory utilization of each server reaches about 90%, a series of processes which use large amount of memory may be forced to terminate for system protection.
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This user's manual was prepared to provide instructions for Data Analysis System, which became operational on September 1, 2016 at High Energy Accelerator Research Organization.
Basic knowledge of Unix commands is required to understand this instruction manual.

Expressions used in this manual

The following expressions are used in this manual

$> or %>Command prompt$>
BoldUser input$> date
ItallicParameters$> mkdir /tmp/install
Hard Return$> mkdir /tmp/install

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